Writing the Self 1: My Real Home

My home is where I used to live and rest my head. It is where my mother, step-father and sister also live. Most days would be the same for me. I wake up and lay in bed for awhile, playing on my phone before my day really begins. I slowly pull myself from my bed and drowsily make my way to the bathroom. I shower, brush my teeth, then comb my hair. The same procedure everyday and I enjoyed that. Mornings were usually very peaceful because I was the first one up. It was as if I was alone and nothing would happen. I’d make my way out the door as everyone else was getting up and be on my way to school. School was my home away from home. I could go to school and see my friends and leave all my worries of stress at home. I decide I should have a friend over after school because that tends to make things more civil at home…

After school my friend and I head back to my place and everyone’s already home. My mom and step-dad are watching TV and my sister is playing in her room. They don’t say anything as we pass to go play videogames in my room. We start to play Halo 3  and are having a great time. After an hour or so I hear some mumbles coming from my parents but make nothing of it. But in a short period of time those mumbles become louder and louder. They’re arguing now and my friend and I just sit there pretending like nothing is happening. It progresses to the point of yelling and I sit in my room completely embarrassed as my friend just sits and stares at me. After 10 minutes of arguing I hear my mom yell, “Brody has a friend over!” . Complete silence follows and I get up and walk my friend out. No one speaks as we come out and my friend leaves.

The rest of the night is quiet. We eat supper, clean up and go to bed with few words being exchanged between anyone. I lie in bed wondering what tomorrow will bring.

Note: I don’t come from a bad home. Both my parents are loving people with some personal issues and this has gotten better over time. This is just one instance that I remember from high school quite vividly.



One thought on “Writing the Self 1: My Real Home

  1. To Brody
    Well written blog I did not find many grammer mistakes and the story flowed well from beginning to end.

    However I would like to see more use of descriptive words about your feelings of the your parents argument. Try to go into strong detail how you felt mentally and physically at those moments when your friend was over. Example did you feel paralyzed or numb that you could only sit there and listen to your parent argue while your friend was over.

    Also I would go into better detail about what school felt like for you. What feelings did you have being in that environment. Were you inspired there? Engaged? was it joyful?


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