Writing the Self 2: Pay it Forward

I was getting off of work around supper time and I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat. I decided to drive around a bit and see what there was. After driving around I noticed a Tim Hortons along my way home and thought that would be a quick and fairly inexpensive place to eat.

I pulled in and the line was fairly short but the people ahead of me were taking a long time. I started to grow impatient and I would have left except I was parked in. After 10 minutes had finally passed I drove up to the monitor and placed my order, “One Large Ice Cap and an Everything Bagel Toasted with Cream Cheese”. Once again when I approached the window the car from before was still ahead of me and taking a long time. Finally after watching the vehicle ahead of me take off I pulled ahead with my debit card ready to pay. When I approached the window the worker started to pass my things to me before I paid and I asked, “What’s going on?” He explained to me that the lady ahead of me had paid for my order. That had never of happened to me before. I could not believe someone would do that for me so I decided to do that for the vehicle behind me. I have no way of knowing if the people behind me decided to pay it forward but it felt good knowing someone did that for me and that I did that for someone else. This has happened more then once to me.

A similar situation happened again a couple weeks later at the same Tim Hortons and my meal was paid for again. Well I could not drive off without paying it forward so I paid for the person behind me. Coming from a city like Prince Albert that has a bad reputation for crime, it is nice knowing that there are kind people in the city that are willing to do things like these for each other.

The last time a situation had happened like this was once again at Tim Hortons but it was far later this time. Going for a late evening Ice Cap, around 9 or 10 PM, I went through the drive through and when I came to pay the workers were smiling and laughing. They explained to me that someone came through about 20 minutes prior and bought a $100 gift card and waned to pay for everyone’s orders who came through the drive-thru. All I could do was say thank you and was on my way.

These stories are the ones that you believe you would hear about and never experience for yourself. I thought the same until it happened to me. These were my stories that made me feel like this would only happen in Canada, and makes me proud to be Canadian.


One thought on “Writing the Self 2: Pay it Forward

  1. I enjoyed reading this memory a lot! It’s so special the way we as Canadian can appreciate little gestures such as paying for someone’s tims when that person has no idea who you are yet still decides to share in creating a community like atmosphere. only one thing you could change that I notice is in the second paragraph “…up to the monitor a placed…” Other than that tiny fix it was very enjoyable to read.

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