Writing the Self 4: Big Guy

            While growing up I hit my growth spurt before everyone else. I did not mind that at all, but how I was treated by others was a problem. I have been and still am a ‘bulky big guy’ and I was always felt I was suppose to act a certain way. That was being tough and serious which I was not by any means. I kept to myself for the most part until high school and university. While in high school I met a lot of people, some nice and others not so nice. Being a ‘bigger guy’ other ‘big’ guys wanted to prove they were tough would often be confrontational towards me. They would push me or get in my face but I would just walk away. I could fight back but I did not see the point in fighting someone else then getting kicked out of school for it. I’d often get called a ‘pussy’ or other terrible terms because I didn’t want to fight. (Sorry about the language) This happened towards me because I was a larger male, none of my friends dealt with this.

            The other time that my gender made people act a certain way towards me was in high school sports. Coaches would constantly insist that I join football or wrestling even after I say no. Remarks about wasting my size were made by those coaches frequently. Every year they would send me the sign-up papers even though I didn’t ask to have them sent to me, which you must do to get them. While it didn’t bother me that they wanted me to play those sports it was that they kept asking me constantly after I already spoke my mind.

            It was in these ways I noticed my gender and seen I was suppose to act a certain way because of them.   


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