CJ1: What is the Environment?


What does the environment mean to  you?

For myself, I usually view it as something where things grow (my picture represents that, despite some detail lacking) . It is all around us on all parts of the Earth. It is where life is created but also ends. Life could not be sustained without our environment. It is where we grow food to let us eat and also where we live (even in those winter months when we may not want to live here). It represents who we are even if it maybe a bit stereotypical (Snow=Canada). In Klimmer’s story the main character has a epiphany at the end realizing that her students are learning but not in the way she originally thought they would. She believed that all life should be viewed as genus or species and it was important to know (also as a biology major I connected with this), but she and her students connected with the environment on a personal level because there is more then just a biological way to view things.

A time I felt connected with the environment was when all my friends and I went camping. One night we sat around the fire, no one was talking but we just sat there, relaxing and taking in our surroundings of sounds and smells. The moments like those that make you really appreciate what we have and if we don’t take care of it we won’t have those things someday.





2 thoughts on “CJ1: What is the Environment?

  1. Sitting around a campfire is possibly one of the most grounding experiences. It’s nice to, like you said, relax and appreciate what we have. I also agree with your statement about our environment representing who we are – even if that may be a bit stereotypical. Do you think we could go as far to say that our environment plays a role in shaping our personality by grouping us into these stereotypes?


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