Ecoliteracy Braid

Ecoliteracy is a interesting thing to discuss because everyone has a different interpretation of what it is. However, everyone tends to relate it back to the environment in some way. For myself I view ecoliteracy as a way in which we should connect and understand the environment we live in. To find a way to make the environment sustainable by rethinking the way we use its resources because even though some people say ‘our’ environment it really is not. Sustainability is one of my main focuses because in Capra’s writing they state that, “…we do not need to invent sustainable human communities from scratch. First, we can learn from comparing the practices of societies that have sustained themselves for centuries on a limited resource base with those that have not managed to do so.”  The direction I took my blog post in was an apologetic poem which used the words that I believe relate to what ecoliteracy means to me, but made those words stand out.

The first blog I relate my own to is Laquisha’s. Like my own poem, we both use specific words that relate what ecoliteracy means to us. In hers, “But all of knowledge, it just left me, it flew” and in mine “I have the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of what I did wrong.” From these quotes I believe we both see that in order to comprehend what ecoliteracy means we must first understand what it means to us and how we must think before we take our next steps. However, the style in which Laquisha’s poem is portrayed and her reaction to the environment is different. She takes the opportunity to explain how she has ignored the environment and how it may have been wrong, “I smoked it and breathed it out, just like a rocket… I littered I killed bugs, I just couldn’t stop it.”. By acknowledging this it shows she understands what she’s doing wrong, but it is in spite of the person she is writing to. This shows a deeper understanding of ecoliteracy rather then just apologizing like I did in my poem without the reasons of why I’m apologizing.

The second blog I related and compared to was Harper’s. Similar to both my own poem and Laquisha’s, Harper admits to her wrong doings to the environment by saying, “I am not denying that I too, have done so in your presence.” Once again by showing the things you know are harming the environment which then reveals that you understand what the environment needs to thrive. Differences from my poem based on format alone was that her post was done in the style of a letter to a real person while mine was a poem and the person was nameless.


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