CJ2: Does it Matter?

For myself embodiment in the context of climate change and environmental education is to give the subject an importance in your life. Rather than just ignoring it like some people may choose to do, bring attention towards it.  In class we discussed how on Facebook we see many things and we can choose to share these things or ignore them by scrolling past. But by ignoring things of importance or problems in society we face, even if they do not directly affect ourselves, we further enforce them because we are not trying to stop it. By not helping at all can be just a damaging as causing the problem. Climate change is an example of this. Even if we do not realize what is going on we still contribute to the problem indirectly.  In the story of Coyote and Raven they say, ‘garbage is in the air    we breathe it    we become it’, which makes me think of the problem we currently have with carbon. This quote speaks volumes of what could happen to us if this problem continues. After so long this can be damaging to our bodies and even in extreme cases it could kill us. As you read this you may think this is not my problem but it is and it is closer then you may think. This is why we must embody climate change and environmental education and bring importance to it before it is too late.



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