CJ4: My Special Place

I did not have many outdoor places I could go to but there was always this one place back home (Prince Albert). While this place was not very hidden only my friends and myself would venture out to see it. It was located behind the landlords’ house all the way on top of this huge hill that you could travel up by following the path between the trees. Once at the top there was a fairly steep drop down the sides which we could slide down in the winter or set up forts in the summer. From the top you could barely see over the trees to our homes in the distance it was a place of seclusion. Hours would be spent there almost everyday just because it was a special place for us kids go out and play. For years we played there… until we no longer could…

The land on which the hill was on was plowed down by a company to make room for upcoming projects. That was roughly 6 to 8 years ago and nothing has been built there yet. Looking at the place where it was when I go home is sad but I still have the memories of what happened. It would have been nice to go and explore that place now or even show my siblings where I use to play but I cannot. Thinking about it shows me truly how happy the environment can make someone but it can just disappear overnight. Similar to what we experienced during the blanket exercise. We had that place for so long then a company showed up and bought the land and destroyed it…


One thought on “CJ4: My Special Place

  1. Thanks for sharing Brody, this sounds like a great place! It is sad that it was taken away from you and your siblings. Can you think of any part of Canada’s history that could be similar to this and you might relate? Are there any actions that you feel you could have taken to prevent this from happening after recently learning and working to be more ecoliterate?


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