CJ5: Eco-Identity

By taking this course I have learned a lot about myself but also how I will be presenting myself once I begin to teach.  In the article Making some sense out of feminist poststructuralism in environmental education research and practice by Barrett , they discuss how they are constantly performing a specific role however within the roles they may do something different depending on the situation. Barrett states “I am constantly performing environmental educator in particular ways, depending on the discourse from within which I am acting. Yet at the same time I am acting from within an existing discourse, I am producing others…” (pg.82). In the classroom as a teacher you will usually be in the role of the teacher however depending on how you go about helping students you must pick a specific discourse. As someone who wants to become a biology  teacher I may position myself to students to explore nature and discover it first hand, but then I would position myself as the teacher to teach the scientific terminology to give students the knowledge they need. The discourse will always be there but you can add other discourses to the one you are currently portraying.

However, I feel once you have chosen an identity to portray you view things differently then you normally would or if you portrayed another identity. My view f this class has changed now that I have experienced it. Before taking this class I thought it was going to be just a science class however it has become more of a personal journey as we progressed. Learning about the environment as something more then just the outside world and changing my view of what it is.

Your view point changes depending on the discourses you take.


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