Week 1: What is ‘Common Sense?’

Kumashiro speaks to the ‘common sense’ as the way things are supposed be done, even though he does not agree fully with that. It is like an unspoken set of rules that no one established but everyone follows. People do not tend to question a system that works. It is like the old saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. While some truth holds to this statement as a society we could always find ways which improve the way in which we live our lives. It is always good to try new things because you can learn more this way. That is why it is important to pay attention to the ‘common sense’ in education.  

It is important to pay attention to the ‘common sense’ because it may not always be the best solution for doing things. Just because the ‘common sense’ is the way most people do something does not make it correct. When it comes to teaching as aspiring teachers we should look for ways to challenge or find ways which help strengthen what we know. The ‘common sense’ is not a bad thing however it can alter the way in which we teach and learn. If we are only shown one way to do anything that is what we will ever do. If there is nothing new to learn we do not take chances to try and challenge what we know. As a student, I am always asked to challenge my thinking or view things from another perspective, by doing things the ‘common’ way I would not do this. Doing any experiment outside of this normative way of thinking is a way to grow as an individual but also as a society by teaching new ways.  


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