Week 2: The Tyler Rationale

While doing the reading on the ‘Tyler Rationale’ I noticed that the teaching described happened to me in elementary and high school. For this teaching to take place 4 steps must happen: Stating Purpose, Identify Experience, Organize Experiences, and Evaluate Experiences. What happened in most of my high school classes is the teacher told us what the class would entail, gave us our assignments, correct them, and then move on without really discussing the deeper meaning of the work. Much of prepping for tests consisted of writing down lots of notes being told to learn what we write. Lots of classes felt like passing was the main purpose of school and I felt that way until university.
Some of the limitations of the Tyler Rationale is that there is no deeper understanding of the material covered. Everything is learned as is and their no further discussion. I feel this is problematic because I learn better with the extra reinforcement of discussion which helps me remember. Also, the extra discussion helps with longer term memorization rather then just until you have the test and forget.
Some potential benefits of using the Tyler Rationale is students understand what is needed from them by the start. Having a good outline so students can plan accordingly is a benefit rather than learning without an idea of what is to come. Also for a teacher this lets them be organized which is needed to be successful. If there was some emphasis on what is being learned and explaining why the material is important this could be a useful model to use.


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