Week 3: To Make Meaning

            One idea I have about education that I feel is important is that learning will always be a continuous journey and it is up to the students to make something meaningful of what they learn. A quote that I feel strongly relates to this is by Tony Wagner who said, “What matters today… is not how much our students know, but what they can do with what they know.” I think Wagner has the same view as myself about having the student being able to make their own meaning with their knowledge. I understand that students will continue to need guidance through out their learning journey’s, however, if they are able to see what they know can make a difference then I feel they will see education as something more useful then just “something they learned at school”. Like some of my classes in high school such as Pre-Calculus I did not see the real-world applications and what I was learning felt trivial. It was not until I had classes like Drama which I felt made a difference in my life and could use what I learn to help other people. Drama is one of the reasons why I wanted to become a teacher.

            Despite what I have said, I still feel education is important no matter what classes you are taking. The quote is possible for any learner to comprehend but the journey of using your knowledge to do something meaningful could be difficult. Also, the quote does not say that the students must use what they know to do something meaningful but to know what they can do. I feel if what they do with the knowledge is meaningful it would bring much comfort and satisfaction to themselves. The quote does not change who the teacher is or what their jobs are but it is asking more from the students. It is asking students to dive deeper into their learning and find the use of what they learn. Just because a student can get A’s all the time does not mean they get the best use out of their education. That student could have good memorization skills and does not connect with the learning. What matters is that they understand what they are learning and see it as something more than just answers on a test.


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