Week 4: Creating Curriculum

Before Reading:

I think that school curricula are developed by the government with assistance from a council of teachers who help decide what needs to be taught. Together they discuss why certain topics within subject areas must be taught. Subjects usually stay the same with the core subjects being: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Health, Arts, Physical Education and more recently a version of Indigenous/Native Studies. These are the core subjects because that was what was decided long ago but what is taught within them as topics is continually changing. Curricula develops when someone comes forth with an idea on why a certain topic should be taught. If it is explained well and a majority of the council and government agree it is important to be taught it officially becomes a part of school curricula.

After Reading:

After doing the reading I discovered that multiple groups create the curricula. Some of the groups have expertise in the area such as teachers but other actors on the matter would include local authority who had been elected, administrators, the government with representative from the Ministry of Education as well as other groups who would have a level of expertise on the situation. After a draft of the new curricula is made, based off looking at the older curricula, the new idea can be agreed upon and implemented or tested by using it on a small ‘test’ group to see if it should be altered in some way. All the information from the reading gave me an new understanding of how curricula is developed and implemented. The process for creating curricula is far more political then I first anticipated which surprised me. While curricula can still be confusing to decide upon I am glad I have a more accurate idea of what it entails.


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