Week 7: Constructing Teacher Professionalism

This week’s readings were focused on Constructing Teacher Professionalism. One of the first things I learned about was were the different kinds of collective bargaining procedures such as meditation, lock out, arbitration, and work to rule. The second thing I learned is that professions and professionals vary in meaning far more then I knew. Professionals are someone who has a high level of expertise in an area of study or a skill of sorts. A profession has a few terms which include: an essential service held in high regard in society. Also, it means to possess a unique body of knowledge. The last thing I learned this week was discussed in lecture and it was about hidden curriculum. I never considered how much we learn even though it is not apart of curriculum yet it can be useful and important.

During the reading I was also able to make connections to other things I have learned. The first connection I made was to the reading on professions and professionals when it speaks of self-regulation. We discussed self-regulation in class and how students and people need this to help them be successful. The reading talks about how teachers should have self-regulating authority. The second connection I made was to the identity that teachers present inside and outside of school. Teaching does not stop once you leave the classroom it is a continuous journey. Once you become an educator you must keep a level of professionalism inside and outside of the classroom. You become a role-model whether you want to or not so that must be kept in mind.

One question I still have is what are some parts of hidden curriculum that you believe helped you in some way or enjoyed?


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