Week 6: Autonomous and Ideological Models

I decided to examine and focus on English Language Arts curriculum at the grade 8 level with autonomous and ideological literacy frames in mind. Both frames of literacy are present in the English Language Arts curriculum, however, the autonomous literacy model seems to appear more compared to the ideological model.

The goals of English Language Arts are to Comprehend and Respond, Compose and Create, and to Assess and Reflect. With those as an outline it can be viewed that autonomous literacy prevails since the focus of autonomous literacy is learning how, reading and writing, comprehension, and the skill to do so. This model therefore suggests once you learn how to read you can use this skill for other aspects of reading such as comprehension which is one of the goals of this curriculum.

With all that has been said the ideological model is still present in the curriculum as well. While the focus of the ideological isn’t as skill-based as the autonomous model, this model focuses more on identity, knowledge, and culture. One of the outcomes which follows this model is CR8.6 which has students read and demonstrate comprehension to texts which include First Nations, Metis, and other cultural readings. While this is only one outcome this literacy can be viewed in other parts on the curriculum.

So, when viewing both models of literacy both types appear in the curriculum. Since I personally notice the autonomous model more frequently compared to the ideological model, I view autonomous as most prominent even though they both influence curriculum greatly.


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