Week 8: Teachers, Administration, and Schools

3 Things I Learned:

  1. There are 3 different kinds of authority typically found within the school system. These would include Legal Authority, Charismatic Authority, and Traditional Authority.
  2. “In 1987, British Columbia became the first Canadian province to make its teachers self-regulating when the Teacher Profession Act (1987) established the British Columbia College of Teachers.”
  3. The table which shows how teachers are paid was something I had not seen before. The table shows the amount you can make with the number of years of school along with the number of degrees you have.

2 Connections I Made:

  1. When going through the code of ethics and reading about the high level of professionalism that teachers should carry on outside of the classroom it made me think of a past teacher. This teacher did not carry the level of professionalism outside of the classroom since in public places they would be seen intoxicated. However, they never seemed to receive any punishment or consequences since the behavior continued. There actions never affected anyone, but they were seen like so on weekends. This was surprising considering the code of ethics cover many things.
  2. When trying to hire a ‘good’ teacher I do not think that there is a right teacher to hire. Every teacher has their own qualities that are both good and bad. I’ve had teachers who I thought were great at first but as the term when on there teaching and attitude seemed to change and was not for the best.

1 Question I Still Have:

  1. I have heard a rumor that sometimes schools hire based from the cost to have a certain teacher rather than if they were a better fit for students. Do you think this is true?

One thought on “Week 8: Teachers, Administration, and Schools

  1. I have also experienced liking a new teacher at the beginning of a term, and then realizing as soon as they are busy they do not seem to put in as much effort. This is something I really want to steer away from, for when I become a teacher. Connecting with your first connection, I had a teacher where students would make up rumours of the teacher coming into school hungover. I believed this rumour to not be true, and in fact this teacher was one of my better teachers. They would always devote their lunch hours to help me with the work if I needed it. I sometimes think if a student doesn’t like how a class is taught or doesn’t get along with the teacher, they will make up rumours. Other students being young and always wanting to fit in will go along with the rumour because it is ‘funny’. As for the teacher you had, who was actually seen intoxicated, is something new to me. For your question, I have no idea if this is true and I sure hope it is not true. The only time I could see this taking place, is if the school is on a lower budget.


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