Week 7: The Good Student

When discussing what it means to be a “good” student in accordance to common sense it depends on which year we are focusing on. In the lecture today, we talked about the classroom and what “good” students looked like 25-100 years ago. Many on the characteristics included: Being white, male, catholic, wealthy, well mannered, and obedient among other things. By todays standards it is more equal, but the stereotypical idea is still the same to some. As someone who is in education programs I notice that there are far more females than males. The students who are privileged by the definition of “good students” are the white males. This is primarily of early colonization as well as the early 1900’s where it was typically white males who went to school, if not war. The same idea applies to the “good teacher”. Because of these common-sense ideas, it makes it harder to see anyone besides white males as “good students” or “good teachers”. However, I believe in more recent years this idea has begun to become non-existent, or at the least I have not noticed it since most of my educators have been female. I believe in the past the common-sense idea made it impossible for non-white and non-male people to see themselves as educators or “good students”.


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