Week 9: My Final CBSL Placement

          Being finished my CBSL placement I can talk about my time with Street Culture. When looking back on my initial thoughts from my first experience they have changed slightly. One of the things I thought I would have done more of but sadly did not get to do was work with the youth. I worked with the youth three times which was enjoyable but besides that I was helping more with the operations of how Street Culture works. This was interesting to learn about to, but it was not what I was expecting.

One of the things that surprised me was how much Street Culture does as an organization. These things include:

       Mentorship Programs

       Housing via The Shelter

       Providing Meals to Shelter Youth

       Celebrations on Holidays

       Educational Programs: Music Night, Pit Stop

          I believe my greatest learning experience received were the days I was working Pit Stop. I was able to get to know who the youth were if they we’re willing to open up. Pit Stop had things like cooking together, working out, and other skills useful for life outside of the Shelter. Since it was in more of a social setting the youth would usually relax more and talk to me more.

          Overall, I had a great experience that was unlike anything I had done before. I highly recommend checking out Street Culture and I hope I get to do more work with them again.


One thought on “Week 9: My Final CBSL Placement

  1. That is so exciting that you have finished your hours! It is so exciting that you learned so much from the young individuals that you met. It is refreshing when you see a young individual open up to you and create a relationship that is strong and full of trust. Street Culture seems like they have a vast number of opportunities to learn, all really based towards helping those individuals. I too, hope you can continue the friendships and help you have been doing in this placement further. You sound like you really enjoyed it!


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