Week 8: Learning from Place

The article suggests that a “critical pedagogy of place” aims to:
(a) identify, recover, and create material spaces and places that teach us how to live well in our total environments (reinhabitation); and (b) identify and change ways of thinking that injure and exploit other people and places (decolonization) (p.74)
1.List some of the ways that you see reinhabitation and decolonization happening throughout the narrative.

– They heard stories from an Elder

– The project renames and reclaims land

– Discussed issues that would support development of local aspirations

– Focusing on Cree land and a story of their history

2.How might you adapt these ideas to considering place in your own subject areas and teaching?

Integrating Aboriginal Ways of Knowing into teaching is very important in todays classroom. Since we also live on a Treaty it seems mandatory to at least bring this to attention inside classrooms. Usually Indigenous Studies tends to be brought up in Social Studies however it can be taught/seen in any class. One of the activities I would bring into my own class is the Blanket Exercise. This was an amazing learning tool that helped me learn some history. For my own area which is Arts Education we could have class outside and have students explore where we come from. Using things found in nature they could then create an at piece or find somewhere to perform a piece speaking about Canada’s history.


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