Week 11: The Secret Path

Three Things I Learned:

–       Only 66% of Canadians have heard or read about residential schools. This was brought up during the discussion panel. This is problematic and we as future educators need to increase this number to as many students as possible.

–       During the 60s there were 20 000-50 000 children taken from families and sent to residential schools

–       If parents refused to send their children to residential schools, they could be arrested or fined.

Two Connections I Made:

–       I made a connection with the statistic of only 66% of Canadians hearing about residential schools. I was apart of the statistic until my first year of university where I learned about residential schools.

–       I found the silence in the animated part of the video powerful. It left me to believe it was to symbolize how First Nations people voices were not heard or were not acknowledged.

One Question I Still Have:

–       How do we as future educators integrate information about residential schools into the classroom if we are teaching subject areas not related to the subject (such as science or math)?


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