Week 12: Inclusive Education

Kelsey Culbert spoke to our class today about Inclusive Education.

Three Things I Learned

–       One of the things that Kelsey said to us that really stuck with me was to, “Ask Questions, Listen More, and Talk Less”. I think this explains a lot since we do not really understand what it is like or what is wanted from people with disabilities. We must listen to learn, and this is a step we must take.

–       Kelsey brought up the fact that we must stop using one’s physical and/or intellectual limitations as a defining feature. Also, we cannot view anyone as a diagnosis because they are human as much as anyone else. These do not define who a person is but does help shape who they will become.

–       Many people are intimidated of what they do not know or understand hence why some people are afraid to go out of their own way to talk to people with disabilities.

Two Connections

–       My biggest connection I made was to my own sister who also has disabilities. She has both intellectual and physical disabilities so when Kelsey spoke to some of the challenges her and her family had I could relate. While my sister’s physical disability has improved to the point where she can walk without assistance she still struggles but is more then capable of doing things for herself. She strives for independence which is something Kelsey has also done for herself.

–       I seen the production that Kelsey and other students put on called “Neither Heroes nor Ordinary People”. In this she talked about her challenges as well as other students talking about the challenges they have overcome. My drama class also assisted a class with students who had disabilities create a play. It was an amazing experience that changed my view.

1 One Question

–       How can we as future educators create an environment that feels welcoming to all learners, including those with disabilities both visible and invisible (intellectual)?


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